Thursday, May 29, 2014

For the Love of Ikea

For those of you who don't know the wonders of Ikea, I feel for you. That place is my jam, seriously. I could spend all day just staring at everything. And then you get downstairs, and you actually get to pick everything out!

Since there's only one Ikea in Ohio, a while back my mom and I made a trip to Cincinnati when we both had the day off work. Of course, we started the day with Starbucks, and then wandered around the top part of Ikea with the room displays for the better half of the day. I scored some great pictures frames, which they have amazing prices on, and a few other things for Juliet's nursery.  Here's a few things I'm hoping to get on my next trip for the rest of the house!
I've kept an eye on this for a while now, and now that our bedroom is a lovely shade of gray, I think it'd be perfect! Plus, how do you beat $20?

I love the iron bed frames! We currently just have our bed on the little frame thing that comes with your mattress, but this white iron one would pull the room together so much better. Unfortunately, I missed out on one that was only $99, but at $210 this is still something I could see myself buying. 
I love this one for my living room/dining room area. I've got a work in progress gallery wall that this could potentially work with.
Although I generally like to use my own photographs throughout our house, I'm not sure where you could get a canvas print for this size at this price. Jay and I both love wild life too, so this art is great compromise for us.
I saw this mirror on Ikea's idea page a while back, sat on top of one of those little cubby organizers. I fell in L.O.V.E. I want to do this in our bedroom eventually, and know exactly where I'd put it!

Anyone else in love with Ikea? What's your favorite products from there?

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