Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Baby Picks: Newborn Essentials

So I know there are all kinds of lists out there, especially in the world of Pinterest, and they all have differing opinions on what is needed for a newborn. What I've found is they are usually full of multiple expensive things that a) not every expectant mommy can afford and b) that aren't really necessary to get through life with a little human.

There are a few things I'm especially grateful that we had, however, and definitely made our lives easier!
Boppy Pillow
 The Boppy Pillow has been great, I still use it to nurse my little girl! It's also been nice to have to prop her up on, and also to put around her now that she is sitting up. The only thing I may do different is try the 2 sided nursing pillow next time, because this one tended to slip when she was really tiny.

Solly Baby Wrap
 This wrap was a life saver! My daughter was 6 lb 5 oz at birth, so she was over a pound too light for all the other wraps and carriers that we had or looked into. When I saw Kate from The Small Things Blog have this wrap, I looked into and was pleasantly surprised that even tiny babies could be wrapped in it. She loved it and would promptly fall asleep when I put her in it. I was able to get my hands back while she happily napped against me.
Dr. Browns Bottles
 These bottles are made so that there isn't extra air that is sucked while the baby is eating. They are supposed to be great for breastfeeding babies, too, so that's why I tried them. And we love them! Juliet has had no problems switching back and forth from these bottles to breastfeeding.

Fisher Price Bouncy Seat

This seat was also great, because it has a vibration setting and music you can play for them. The vibration also made Juliet happy, and she often napped in the chair, too. An additional bonus, she loved it when she was able to make it bounce as she got older, so it has really grown with her.

These are the very basics that would have made my life very difficult to be without!  What are your favorite or baby must haves?

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