Monday, June 23, 2014

Pinterest Mondays: Mounted TV and Shelves

First off, we've had a pretty crazy week last week, and I really dropped the ball with posting! For that, I apologize. If you follow on Instagram, you've seen some pictures from the projects I was working on for my husband's surprise 30th birthday party. It took up sooooo much time last week,  and coupled with having a 7 month old, I just didn't find the time to work on the blog. But I'm back! I will be posting regularly. Thanks to all of you for understanding.

On this Pinterest Monday, I am finally able to show you a project that I've been DYING to do for a while now. My husband has wanted to mount our tv for a long time, but I personally hate the way a mounted tv looks with a console, or even nothing, underneath it. 

A while back I had found this picture on Pinterest and thought it was a great compromise! 

 Jay, my husband, finally got on board with it, and was able to do the majority of the work for this project.  Our bedroom and most of the accents to the very bold colors I've chosen for our house have been gray, so that's when I decided to paint the shelves gray. We also decided not to use the chain and hooks, partly because there weren't studs to drill them into, but also to cut down on costs. And honestly? I love the way they turned out without!

We discussed also doing decorative brackets, but it would have cut off space we had for decorations/storage. 

The bottom shelf obviously needs some decorations and storage, and I'm working on it! I will keep you updated on here and on social media as I get the final product done. The main thing with this project was having a place for additional storage and storage bins that could hold baby toys without making it look like a little kid had taken over our house, and I definitely think we accomplished it!

What Pinterest projects are you working on this week? For more projects I've done, or to see what's inspiring me lately, follow me on Pinterest!


  1. That is neat! I'm going to paint ours and remove some doors (hopefully starting this week). I really like your utilization of wall space!

    1. Our house doesn't have a whole lot of storage space because it is an older house, so we are trying to get creative with the ways we utilize the space we do have. So far it has worked great! Good luck with your DIYs :)