Monday, June 9, 2014

Pinterest Mondays: Yarn Covered Wine Bottle

I feel like I've had this DIY pinned for so long, and just haven't gotten around to doing it. Can anyone else relate to that? Haha! I love the ones covered in twine, but since the only twine I had on hand was extremely thin, I decided to make my mom a vase with yarn to match their bedroom.

Materials Needed:

  • Wine Bottle (or any glass container to cover) 
  • 1 Skein Yarn or Twine
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Flowers or decorations to place in vase

1. Clean out wine bottle and allow to dry.
2. Put dot of glue and get yarn as close as possible to the very bottom of the bottle. Glue completely around the bottom row and next two wraps around the bottle to get the yarn started and staying well.
3. Push the yarn down ( I used my fingernails) so that there are no gaps between the yarn, which would allow the glass to show and make the yarn look sloppy.
4. As I continued to wrap, I only made about three or four spots with glue around the bottle and pulled the yarn tight so that it would lay flat against the yarn row below it. Also make sure you make the glue as thin as possible along the bottle, so there is no excess glue coming out between the rest of the yarn.
5. When you get to the tapered part of the top of the bottle, go back to gluing the entire piece of yarn down, or it will look gappy and separated.
6. Continue around the neck of the bottle, gluing the last two rows down completely, smoothing the end of the yarn down so it blends into the rest of the wrapped yarn. Clean off the glue strings and any additional pieces of glue that were missed during the wrapping process.
7. Find the vase a great home and enjoy!

Here's a few tips that I gathered from this little project:

  • Use thick yarn, the thicker the better. I used such thin yarn that not only did it take forever, but it was very difficult to get the yarn close together without the glue showing. 
  • You should wipe the extra hot glue immediately, or it will be very difficult to get off. I had thought that it might be easier to get it off once dry, but I was oh so wrong. 
  • Make sure you take the labels off, or you will have to be very, very careful when wrapping that it covers everything. Otherwise in certain lighting and at certain angles you will see the labels through the yarn. 
I will be working on a few twine covered ones for my dining room table, I will let you know how they go. Let me know below how your projects go! :)

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