Friday, June 6, 2014

The Plight of a Nursing Mama

I've had such a hard time putting together a wardrobe for nursing, especially now that I have lost weight and my belly isn't *quite* so protruding.

The biggest problem? Most of my options are boooooooring. Plain t-shirts, plain tank tops, and nursing camisoles that don't give nearly enough support. Now, I've also had plenty of issues of my own because I, ahem, ended up more well endowed than I had ever dreamed, making clothes shopping all the more difficult. Here's some of my top picks for summer and the nursing mother. 

I've had great luck with Old Navy, and the prices really are hard to beat! Most of these, of course, weren't actually nursing, but were easy enough to make work for nursing. 

No.1: I really love these two shirts, and they could even be layered over one another for the cooler evenings. I threw in the skirt also, because I am really loving the pencil skirts right now, since they can be dressed up or down and still make me feel put together. You could also pair either with a great dark wash jean, or navy or khaki shorts.

No. 2: I have something similar to this dress that I bought while i was pregnant, and it's been a great piece that I can still wear now! The crisscross front makes it great for nursing, but still looks really nice. Black is also great because you could make it work for a dressier occasion, or just being out and about. A versatile piece is a must for a nursing wardrobe on a budget! 

No. 3: One of the best places I've found for some nursing clothes is Etsy. There's some great handmade stuff that isn't super expensive, and not the exact same as everything you see at the stores and in the mall. I love this bold pattern! 

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