Monday, July 7, 2014

Pinterest Mondays: DIY Storage Boxes

It was so great to have such a relaxing weekend with family.  We were able to take Juliet to her first parade, and just relax and spend time together. I also got a chance to work on a project I've been thinking about doing for a while now. 

I love the decorative storage boxes to use throughout the house for more organization- something that doesn't exactly come naturally to me. The problem? They are pretty expensive if you need more than just a couple. 

Since we just started cloth diapering, I still have a decent amount of diaper boxes left over, so they are great (free!) containers you can use as storage, but they aren't exactly attractive. When I was at the Dollar Tree the other day, I found contact paper with a pretty black and white flower pattern on it, and I knew I could make the boxes look great! 

What you Need: 
-Any Box 
-Contact paper of your choice 

1. Cut the flaps off of the box. 

2. Lay box on contact paper. Leave a little room on each edge to fold over when sticking on. Use the the grid on the back to allow yourself to get perfectly straight lines. 

3. Start by peeling a corner and sticking on the bottom of the box. Then, seal the entire edge to the bottom of the box. Make sure you get a crisp fold where the box corner from the bottom to the side meets. 

4. Slowly pull the backing down as you smooth the contact paper onto the box. Make sure you pull the paper downward as you are pulling the backing off. The best method I found was to use your entire palm as you are smoothing. 

5. At the corners, make a tiny slit so you are able to smooth the sides down completely. 

6. Repeat for the other 3 sides. 

I was able to use one roll on a box. It will depend on what kind of box you have, so I would buy a couple just in case. 

I didn't cover the inside because my box will be full with hats and gloves, but you can always line the inside too! I'd go with a complimentary color of contact paper. 

When starting to cover my second box, I found that if it is humid at all, it won't stick as well and make it bubble up a little easier. This may have happened because I have the contact paper that is removable. 

Another thing to mention is that the corners will not line up exactly, but since mine are going in a closet, you won't really notice. If you want it in a more prominent place, you could always cover the corners with some ribbon and a little hot glue. 


  1. This is such a good idea! I almost always reuse boxes from different things for storage & the sticky paper looks like a really quick and easy way to spruce them up a little bit!

    1. Definitely! It was a lot faster than I thought it would be, and so far it's been holding up really well.