Monday, July 14, 2014

Pinterest Mondays: Perfect Baby Shower Gift

I just love going to baby showers. It is so much fun to pick out the little clothes and such, and the mom-to-be always looks so adorable.

When I  go to showers, I like to try to do something crafty for one of my gifts. I'm constantly on Pinterest looking for ideas, and when I saw the onesie cupcakes I knew that's something I would love to try.

So, I went to Meijer and got some great deals on different onesies and a sleeper for all different sizes and 2 pairs of socks. The cupcake holder was also purchased there, but you could get it at any grocery store or craft store.

What You Need:
4 onesies
2 pairs of socks
Cupcake box
Scotch Tape

1. Fold in both sides of the onesie about an inch and half. If it has long sleeves, make sure you fold them down the length of the onesie.

2. Fold the onesie in half after folding the sides in, creating a skinny strip.

3. Put the toe of the sock sticking up at one end of the onesie, and start to roll the onesie as tight as possible around the sock. The sock will turn into the cherry on top of the "cupcake."

4. While holding the rolled onesie, tape with scotch tape to secure the cupcake shape.  Tie with a ribbon for a little flair.

5. Repeat this process for all of the cupcakes.

6. Put in your cupcake box, close, and tie with a pretty ribbon.

If you want all the cupcakes the exact same size, make sure you get the same sized onesies and that they are all either short sleeved or long sleeved. You can also put them into cupcake liners, however since mine were slightly different sizes I decided to tie with a ribbon.

What projects are you working on? I'd love to hear!


  1. I have seen this and since you give great step by steps I'm so doing it for a friend!!!!

    1. My friend really enjoyed it! Plus, it's a pretty easy but cute way to give baby clothes.