Monday, July 28, 2014

Pinterest Mondays: Yarn Covered Initial

Happy Monday everyone! Hope yours started out a little less hectic than ours did. With a baby in the process of teething, a cat that refuses to catch mice, and a little scare from Juliet finding a pill that somehow managed to be dropped, it wasn't exactly the start to my week that I was hoping for. I am happy I get to share with you all today, though!

Welcome back to my series, "Pinterest Mondays," where I have different DIY projects or just show some of my fave things from Pinterest right now. This week, I decided I needed to get some more decorations onto the Mounted TV and Shelves project I did a couple weeks ago.

I found these yarn covered letters for a baby's room on Pinterest, but since I have a Monogram in Juliet's room already, I decided to do our last initial for our shelves instead! This project probably took about an hour, including making the flower that I put on it (tutorial coming soon!).

What you Need:
1 skein of thick yarn
Cardboard letter (I got mine from Joann Fabrics)
Hot Glue Gun
Decoration of some sort

1. Start at one end of the letter, gluing the yarn to the cardboard. Make sure you glue down the entire way around the first couple wraps to get you started.

2. Continue slowly wrapping around the letter, tacking the yarn down at the corners of the letter. This will keep your yarn close to your previous wrap so you won't be able to see the cardboard in between.

3. At the bends of the letters, you will have thicker wrapping because you will have to slightly turn the direction that you are wrapping. This will allow you to cover the entire bend or turn in the letter.

4. At the end of the letter, glue down the last 2 rows completely down so the yarn will not pull off.

5. You have 2 options for the ends of the letters: Paint or glue strips of yarns to the ends.

6. Optional: Put decoration onto the letter. I chose to make a felt flower and add to the letter where I thought my wrapping was a little too thick. Or just pick where you think it looks best!

That's it! It's a pretty easy project, but it's very cheap way to get a little different decoration into your house.

What are some Pinterest projects you've worked on lately? I'd love to hear!

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