Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Finding Great, Affordable Clothing

If I could go shopping every weekend and just really expand my wardrobe, I would absolutely be in heaven. But, that is not my life. I stay at home, I have a baby, and we are definitely on a budget. Add into that mix that I'm nursing and not the same size as I was pre-baby (but getting close!), it really makes you dream about hitting the jackpot and going on a shopping spree.

In reality, I'm constantly looking for great deals that I can use for this transitional period in my life, and hopefully even after! One of the best places I've found has got to be The Chic Orchid. At other stores I can only buy things at a pretty good discount, here I can buy pretty much whatever I want without having to only scan the clearance section.

Here's a few things from Chic Orchid that I'm really loving:

Love this skirt! I feel like it could go with so much and could be both dressed up and dressed down. I'm really hoping that she gets the statement necklace in this outfit back in stock, I definitely missed out on a great deal there, and it's adorable.

Nearly this whole outfit is available, and I LOVE it. Skirt, top, and shoes are all available at great prices! 

The stock is changing constantly, so make sure you check back often!  I'm sure she will be stocking back up for the fall very soon, I'm really excited to see what I can get my hands on then.

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