Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What a Sleeping Baby Taught Me

At night, Juliet and I head up to her bedroom and rock in the glider while I nurse her. She often falls asleep. The other day I just sat there with my baby laying on my chest, and I realized that this is a moment I wanted to remember; to treasure.  I wanted to breathe in her smell and cuddle her up to me.

These moments too often get overlooked or brushed over until they are gone. And you long for them. You miss them. You want them. 

Days are so very full when you have babies. It's easy to just wish these times away, to when life will be more predictable, when you will get more sleep, when your life won't be tied to a nap schedule.  Precious little moments slip through the cracks of sleep deprivation and the longing of having just a moment to yourself. 

I look at Juliet and just can't believe how fast she's gotten to 9 months. It makes me long for the little newborn that only wanted to be in my arms. It makes me miss my tiny baby that slept in my room. I look at the little girl that is always on the move and I know it's going so fast.

My sleeping baby taught me not to take for granted these moments I'm having now. These every day moments that will pass by all too soon. Soon I won't be able to cuddle my baby to sleep, soon I won't be nursing her, and all too soon I won't be leaning over the crib trying to place my sleeping angel carefully into her crib so as not to disturb her. 

So I will hold my sleeping baby a little longer and etch this feeling, this moment on my heart.  I will memorize those squsihed little cheeks and the little sigh she gives as she relaxes into me. I will remember the feeling of utter exhaustion but complete love for this little human laying against me. And I'll smile, because I know this moment is a moment of a lifetime. 


  1. She's a doll! I can really relate to this post. My son just turned 14 months old, and those moments pass by all too soon. I'm still nursing, and that's usually how we start our day and end our day. They're so cuddly right after they feed:)

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

    1. I keep thinking how crazy it is that we probably won't be nursing too much longer, it seems like we just started! And I agree, even after meals, she always is a little more cuddly after we nurse.