Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Once a Bearcat...

This weekend seriously was one for the records. Although sadly my Bearcats didn't have a victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes, it was still a great game! 

We were able to leave in the early afternoon on Saturday and head down to campus to tailgate. I got to catch up with two of my girlfriends from college and it was just an all around great time. 

We had great seats. During halftime the Buckeyes did a tribute to Wizard of Oz, which turned out really cool. 

Boy, was I exhausted after all was said and done. 

It really got me thinking about just how much things have changed since I graduated in 2012. I'm married, have a house, and have a baby. Although we had a great time down on campus, it really wasn't the same. And I'm completely okay with that! 

I'm done with that part of my life, and although I can still go and have fun with my friends and husband, it's really not something I look forward to like I used to. Anyone else feel like that? 

Anyways, that's how our weekend went over here. I also received my Walmart Beauty Box, which I will be reviewing so check back tomorrow to hear more about that! 

How did your weekend go? I'd love to hear from you!  

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