Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Very Merry Wardrobe

If you haven't already caught on, I'm kinda ga-ga over Christmas (even when it's a bit stressful.) It's a feel good, family oriented time of the year and I try to soak it up as much as possible.

Cheesy? Count me in. Silly? I'm there. Totally cliche and expected? I'm all over it.

So, this may or may not mean that I would wear cheesy Christmas clothing all of December if I had them. Unfortunately luckily for everyone else I do not. 

Of course, for Christmas parties and for Christmas day, I like to dress up nicely, especially since I usually take pictures with family. Plus, who doesn't like an excuse to get a cute new dress? In those cases, I truly do like the idea of adding a little bit of Christmas spirit into my outfit with my accessories. One of my favorite things to wear this time of year is my little snowflake necklace. It's delicate and pretty, but still in the holiday spirit. 
What's your thoughts on Christmas clothing? Completely tacky but wonderful? Or would you not be caught dead in it? 


  1. Confession time. I always go tacky on Christmas Eve and dress up a little on Christmas Day:) I'm dying for a "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" tee!haha Oh, and I adore that black and gold dress!!!!


    1. I have a Santa shirt where he's drinking a Coke but I couldn't find it anywhere online! haha I love those shirts! I actually forgot about that one :)

      I seriously need to order some clothes from Modcloth next time I'm shopping, I love all their clothes!