Thursday, January 15, 2015

Project Organization: The Pantry

Project: Organization 2015 is back! This week, I am sharing with you guys how I cleaned out and reorganized my kitchen pantry.

This project and post took way longer than anticipated because of a little teething toddler that was up all night the past few nights and attached to my hip during the day. But it's done! There's a bigger sense of accomplishment when you deal with all of that and finally finish a project.

Our pantry really isn't a pantry, as much as it's a bunch of cupboards on the side of one wall. This makes it a little more difficult to keep organized.

First thing I did was take everything out of the cupboards and placed them out on the counters, grouping like things together and pitching anything that had expired. I tossed a lot more than I like to admit, mostly because I can't believe we wasted that much food!

After I finished that, I was ready to give everything it's own place back in the cupboards.

Cheap bins and cardboard boxes (made for Valentine's Day, thank you Target!) were the perfect options to keep the little things that end up in the pantry at bay and where they are supposed to be.

I also taped a clipboard inside the pantry and am working on getting my pantry list together so I know what I have and don't accidentally end up with extras when I go to the store. This piece is really key to keeping your pantry organized and in working order.

So, really just a few cheap little tweaks and we've got an awesome looking pantry!


  1. Way to go! There's nothing better than a freshly organized space, is there?

    1. It's seriously the best. I am not an organizer by nature, so it's always hard to get myself motivated but I'm always so glad I did it once it's finished.