Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Project Organization: Finding the Right Tools

Welcome to the next  installment of Project: Organization 2015! This week I have compiled some of my favorite places to shop for affordable organization pieces.

Seriously one of my favorite places to find organization pieces (not to mention basically anything else  for my home!) They've got great prices and pieces that can be used in so many different ways.

Not only do I want this for our bathroom, but I"m also planning on using it for scarves in my closet! It could also be great inside a cabinet.

This cart is amazing. I've seen it used as cloth diaper storage, a bathroom organizer, and it's perfect for the laundry room.

And of course, where would you be without some adorable bins and totes? I love these for organizing in my closet drawer set and under my bed.

Hobby Lobby

Fake books are perfect pieces to decorate parts of your house you don't want a ton of bins in, like your living room or bedroom but still add much needed storage. We use ours for computer cables!

Plus, they've got all kinds of cute baskets and bins to pick from, just make sure you wait to get them 50% off! They are always running deals.


Basically, you can find anything you want or need at Target. Now, to get the best deals you really have to keep an eye out for great deals. My fave part of the store is the $1 and $3 section right at the beginning of the store because they always have amazing finds for so cheap right there. Love the wire baskets and buckets I just found there recently!

The Dollar Tree

If it's a dollar, I'm all over it. When you need cheap storage the Dollar Tree is the place to be. The bins definitely aren't the fanciest and probably aren't things that I would necessarily want out on display, but I absolutely love them for the pantry, the laundry room, or even in closets. You can organize for extremely cheap and stuff will still be cleaned up and you can still feel accomplished.

Where is your go-to place to find affordable pieces to keep your life organized?

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