Thursday, March 12, 2015

How to Add Pastel to Your Wardrobe

When March hits it's as if all the stores get the memo that it's time for pastels and floral! I've always loved these pieces, but sometimes they just don't seem very practical.

I always think, "Will I really wear those pink pants as much as I think I will?"  

Probably not. 

But there are some really fun ways you can incorporate pastels without breaking the budget or having those items sit in your closet majority of the time. 

 / Mint Pumps

I don't think it's a coincidence that I have been loving mint this season and that's what I have found the most of when shopping.

What's your favorite way to add pastels to your wardrobe? 


  1. Those mint pumps are fantastic, and totally versatile for spring!

  2. Honestly, I am not a pastel color kind of girl. I love it on everyone else, but me, washed out!! Your picks are pretty, and I bet you look beautiful in them. I do like the canvas sneakers, those I would wear in a minute! Followingn you on bloglovin!