Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our Engagement Story

Since yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of the day Jay asked me to marry him, I thought I would share with you all our engagement story.

A little background first. 

Jay and I met through my cousin when Jay was the best man in his wedding. We had known of each other and met before, but never really spoken. We talked a little at their wedding in August 2011 and eventually started occasionally hang out on the weekends when I would  make excuses to come up to Columbus (I'm allowed to admit that now, right?)

We got serious pretty fast, I'd say mostly because we both knew what we wanted and we shared so many things in common, like our faith and wanting a family.

In February 2012 (yep you read that right!) we had a talk Valentine's Day weekend about wanting to get married. We both just knew, so there was no reason to skirt around it anymore. We were both ecstatic! Luckily for us, so were our parents. Most people that knew us well and knew a little bit more about our relationship weren't too surprised.

But, that's not when we actually got engaged. In fact, we actually started planning the wedding before I got the ring. (Something I didn't let him forget, and he likes to remind me of now, haha! I'm not the most patient of people...) 

So in March of 2013, we decided to rent out a cabin for my senior year college spring break. I was of course looking for a cheap but clean cabin because, ya know, broke college student over here. I probably should have known something was up when he said he would pay for it and to let him pick out something nice.

We arrived at our adorable little 1 bedroom cabin near Hocking Hills State Park on a Friday afternoon. It was the cutest cabin, with a balcony on the side of a hill that faced the sunset, a warm stone fireplace, and a bedroom with a pretty picture window that allowed the sunrise to light up the room.

Saturday morning we got up and went hiking through the majority of the main hiking trails in Hocking Hills State Park. It was great weather for mid-March, not rainy and warm enough for shorts but still cool enough that we weren't dying from heat on our hikes all day.

Unknown to me, Jay had been carrying the ring with him all day but just hadn't found a place that he felt was "right." So that evening we went back to the cabin, I took a nap and he started getting things prepared. I woke up to the most beautiful sunset, a fire roaring in the fireplace, and pretty handsome guy down on one knee beside the couch I had been sleeping on.

I wasn't really sure what was going on at first, but I heard something drop. He looked nervous and picked whatever had fallen up (later to find out it was my ring box), and told me how much he loved me and how much our relationship meant to him. It was adorable and wonderful, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

How did you and your significant other get engaged? 


  1. Sounds very romantic. Love the waterfall picture! Our story 29 years ago, was short and sweet like yours. We got serious real fast, engaged and married all within a year. And here we are almost 30 years later, still married, three children, 4 homes, 2 dogs and plenty of memories to share!

  2. So romantic. You two are such a cute couple. I love this post!

  3. So sweet! Chauncey and I were kind of the same way, planning before the ring:)

  4. So sweet! Chauncey and I were kind of the same way, planning before the ring:)