Friday, April 3, 2015

High Five for Friday

***BLOGGERS: We're switching things up some here at the link-up, so be sure to read the note at the end of the post***

Welcome to H54F hosted by Tif at Bright on a Budget, Katie at Cup of Tea, Della at Della Devoted and I. We're so excited to have you here today!

This week's featured blogger is Sarah over at Coffee and Glitter. I've followed Sarah through the link up for a while now, and I've loved getting to read all here posts! I especially love her recent post about Easter Decorating, some of which are actually very similar to ones I posted a week or so back. Head over and give some love to Sarah.

And now for some H54F goodness:

1. Juliet is now cheesing for the camera and it's just about the cutest thing ever. I love that she knows what it is, I'm just surprised we will get goofy smiles so soon!

2. I'm seriously loving my Ava Anderson skincare line. I never thought that I would finally find a product that would clear my skin up as much as this has. I can't wait to share more about it in the next few weeks! 

3.  Jay is turning 31 this Monday and I've got a fun surprise Saturday planned for him. We're going have a fun day at the zoo with baby girl, then dinner and some fun in the evening with just the two of us. Check out Instagram to see all the fun this weekend. 

4. The temperature has been so much warmer here the last few days which I love(especially since it snowed earlier this week), but it's pretty much rained nonstop. I'm trying to just be happy that it's nicer, but man it would be nice to get Juliet outside without a ton of mud in the backyard. Soon enough I suppose! 

5. We've got daffodils peaking out beside our house already! I love the little yellow flowers, and I feel like it just brightens up our whole house. I'm excited to plan the rest of our flowerbeds and get all kinds of  pretty colors going on in front of the house this year. I love this garden planner I found on Pinterest for just that! 

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  1. I enjoy linking to your party each week Caitlin. My social media is limited because well, I only like a few. My preference would be instagram. I am not a facebook follower or do twitter. Limited I know, but I like it that way. No time for anything else. Thanks for hosting each week.

  2. I am so excited to be the featured blogger! Little Juliet is so precious with her smile! Have a great weekend celebrating Jay's birthday!

  3. Yayyyy for Sarah, love her blog! As for social media, my favorite account is definitely instagram. Come follow along @GreenFashionista

    Happy Friday :)

  4. I love linking up and I think that this new idea is great! My preference would be Twitter. I also do Pinterest.


  5. Thanks for hosting Caitlin, I am enjoying linking up! I will have to check out that garden planner you mention. I have a new home and am ready to begin gardening as well. My social media favorites are Instagram and Pinterest. :)

  6. Have a fun birthday celebration! I would prefer Twitter, but I will have to try and tweet more! LOL

  7. Have a fun day today!! And for real about the weather!! Here it's just still too cold for me!! I am on all social media but lately it's instagram mostly. I'm @missmitch2 if you wanna follow my randomness! LOL Love linking up with you ladies!!

  8. That first picture is so cute! We've had so much rainy weather here too- it seems like we get one nice day for two weeks of bad weather following it-- so ready for it to be consistently nicer-- hopefully soon! I hope you guys have a fun weekend and enjoy the zoo :)

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