Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Survive Having a Toddler in 5 Easy Steps

Toddlers are a species of their very own. One day you are cuddling this sweet, squishy, cooing baby you adore and the next you are wrangling a tornado of terror shouting at them something along the lines of, "No! Don't lick the dog, pet her!" (True story)

So luckily for you, I've created a 4 point list to make your toddler rearing years a breeze. 

1. Invest in a lot of Coffee
You might as well take stock out in this stuff because it will be your best friend for the next few years. I may have had a mild addiction to the hot deliciousness before, but I could take it in an IV and am generally always channeling my inner Lorelai Gilmore these days. 

2. Don't Ever Schedule Anything 
Every time you do, something will go wrong and you won't make it on time anyways. You are better off just staying at home where the tantrums aren't embarrassing and they can nap as much (or as little) as they want.

3. Learn How to Live with No Sleep 
You thought newborn was the stage of no sleep? Welcome to sleep regression and nightmares and you'll be a walking zombie for the next 4 or so years. Oh, and don't forget the sickness.

4. Don't be Disgusted by Anything 
Because everything they do is gross. From eating dog food to licking food off the floor, nearly everything they do at this point is disgusting.

5. Love Every Moment of It
They are literally little time sucks, they make you want to lose your mind most of the time, but then a cute little smile and a sloppy kiss and your mommy (or daddy) heart will melt all over the floor in a big messy puddle. They may be monsters sometimes, but they are our little monsters and grow up way too fast. 


  1. Very true especially number 1 and 3!!!! Going strong off of 4 hours of sleep last night and one pot of coffee. xo Amanda over at ABW

    1. It's amazing what we can do with caffeine and little ones :)

  2. Well said friend! Toddler age is rough. We definitely need our coffee.

    1. Oh for sure. Idk how I would function without it! lol

  3. Replies
    1. Who would think someone so small could be so bossy and stubborn? lol it's so much fun though.