Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mixcups: A New Way to Take Your Coffee

I'm really excited to be sharing probably the coolest coffee related service I have found so far: Mixcups. 

On the most basic level Mixcups is a company that sells a variety of K-cups that will be delivered directly to your home. 

But here's the clincher: 

They have created boxes of a variety of different type of K-cups (ya know, a mix of cups) that you can choose to have ordered and sent to you. Decaf, regular, flavored, even tea varieties. So really there's a choice for everyone.

My favorite thing about this company? You can order the monthly mix box subscription, so you will always be getting something new to try. My box had a variety of regular and flavored coffees, 30 cups in 10 different varieties.

If you love the coffee (or tea!), you can order a full carton of your fave K-cups from Mixcups, which I love because it always seems when you find something that's a specialty that you you really enjoy it's ridiculously hard to find for purchase again.

I will definitely be ordering a Mixcup box soon! Both the decaf and Tea Lovers boxes seem to be calling my name.

Are you a K-cup lover? Head over to Mixcups and check them out! 

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