Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What to Expect in a Newborn Photo Shoot

Recently I had the privilege of shooting my friends adorable little man. I love getting to do photos of newborns! It makes me think so much about Juliet being that tiny, and squishy little babies are just the best.

I've noticed when I've done newborn photos before, people aren't really sure what to expect or what may really happen.  

1. They need to be done within the first week. 
As they get older (even past the first week!) they get more curious and more active, so if you want those sleepy newborn photos you always see, do it early.  

2. Have a space heater to keep little one warm. 
I try to carry one for baby photos when I can, but it's definitely a must! If you want any just in diapers or even less, the heater will help keep baby comfy.

3. Expect it to take longer than usual photoshoots. 
Newborn photos are always my longer shoots because it never fails that they need to eat or a diaper change right in the middle. When mom and dad are expecting that, then everything goes a bit smoother. 

4. You can have photo ideas, but be willing to go with the flow. 
I don't mind when clients send me photos they've been thinking about, and sometimes we can duplicate them. However, when you get a little one that hates their belly like my daughter did, it's hard to get some of the cute poses when  baby is screaming to get off their belly. They also may be wide awake! This happens more than you'd expect with newborns.  Sleepy the whole time then it's a little party when the camera comes out. 

And let the photographer do their thing! It's great to have an idea of what you want, but let the photographer have some creative freedom and you may get some amazing photos you'd never expect.

Did you have any surprises getting pictures of your little ones?


  1. What precious photos! We never did newborn photos, and I kind of regret that. Aren't newborns just the cutest??

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    1. Yes they are! It's so hard to believe Juliet was ever that tiny. Definitely makes me want another one :)

  2. You do beautiful work, Caitlin!