Friday, June 19, 2015

High Five for Friday!

Phew, it's been a while since I've been on here for a Friday. It was a much needed break after this past loss.  You can read more about why I've been gone here. I've got some really fun projects in the works and I'm so excited to get to share them with you, so stay tuned!

Now, onto my five: 

1. I thought we were going to be potty training Juliet, because a week ago she told us every time she had to go on the potty. Now, she's not wanting a diaper but not wanting the toilet. I sense the terrible twos coming on strong...

 2. We have finished floors and painted walls in the laundry room! It's so nice and bright and happy  that it doesn't seem quite as bad being down there for my most dreaded task. Now to get rid of the armoires for a little more room. 

3. I shot a wedding a few weekends ago for my childhood neighbor. I was so honored to get to shoot for her and it was a lot of fun to be back in my hometown for the weekend. Plus, her kids are absolutely adorable, which makes for a super fun time shooting. 

4. We may have to get rid of our chickens. :( I've talked about them on and off on here, but now we have to go to the zoning board to get them approved. It's sad really because I think everyone deserves to have the option of raising their own healthy food, especially when something like this is so well maintained and has had absolutely no complaints. In fact, we've gotten everyone in our little neighborhood to sign a petition that said they don't mind them.

5. I'm knee deep in my first couple courses of college and it's so weird! I feel like I'm so out of the studying flow, so it's probably a good thing I won't be taking any science courses until fall semester. I guess it really is true that once you're out it's much harder to go back than the first time.

How has your week been? I'd love to hear!

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  1. I love that photo you took for your friend's wedding. It's so perfect!

  2. That wedding photo you took is adorable! And, Juliet is super cute, as always. Hope the college courses go well for you... I know you'll kick some butt! Happy to have you back! :)


  3. Juliet is too cute!! :) How fun that you were able to photograph your childhood neighbor's wedding! I love the shot of the happy couple and the kiddos covering up their lit'l eyes! So adorable! I'm sure you did a terrific job on the rest of their photos too. ;) Have a fabulous upcoming weekend, Caitlin! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  4. Congrats on being back at school! You will get back into the swing of things in no time! You take beautiful photos. :)

  5. So good to see you back :) I applaud you for attempting the whole potty training thing - that has me absolutely terrified!!! And I just love that wedding picture. You do such great work, Caitlin!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea