Friday, July 24, 2015

High Five for Friday!

Hey all you H54fers! I'm glad to be back and sharing a little bit with you today. Make sure you check out my wonderful co-hosts blogs, too! Katie at Cup of Tea, Della at Della Devoted and Tif at Bright on the Budget and I have loved getting to know all of you through this link up. I've admittedly been a little MIA over here on the blog, but I'm glad you all still stuck around :)

Now, let's get on with the five for this week! 

1. A couple weekends ago, Jay and I decided to do a little getaway to a really awesome bed and breakfast in Hocking Hills. We definitely needed it after everything we have gone through this year, and umm, hello, it was a castle! (Yes! A castle in Ohio!) Make sure you stop by on Monday for a whole post about Ravenwood Castle

2. We stopped at this neat little strip mall and flea market on our way home from Ravenwood and found a statue and a little saying that were just a perfect memorial for the babies we've lost this year. I've been looking and looking for something to commemorate them, something to show they had meaning too but I just hadn't quite found it. When we saw these, we just knew. It's really helped give me a little closure to the pain we've been going through. I'll never be over it, but I can move forward. 

3. I'm coming to the tail end of my first semester back at college, and it's been a juggling act to say the least. There's been a few days that I can't even believe that I'm doing all of this. Sometimes it's hard to see what the benefit of all this sacrifice is. I'm excited and guilty at the same time. The life of a mom I suppose :) 

4. We finally have some clear weather! It's rained almost every single day for the past two months. Which means Juliet and I have barely gotten to do anything outside this summer on my off days. We are taking full advantage and have plenty of trips to the park planned this weekend while we can. 

5. I've got the creative bug, and I think it's mostly because I've been spending almost all of my free time writing papers and studying. I'm working on making this adorable little ruffle skirt for Juliet, and I've been going to town planing her 2nd birthday party (how is she almost two?!) I've even gone so far as to figure out some of my handmade Christmas gifts so they can be done early and not be stressful this year. 

How has your week been? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Props to you for starting to figure out Christmas gifts already — I should definitely be a little more proactive about that, too!


  2. I didn't know that OH had a castle too! There's one near where I live. And I love the memorial items you found. They are perfect.


  3. I've been to that castle before and it's so pretty!!!! Glad you had some time to get away and relax. And what a sweet memorial to have. So perfect, when words are hard to find. HUGS!