Wednesday, September 9, 2015

10 Things I Love about my 26th Birthday

Yesterday was my 26th birthday, and I've gotta say this year has both flown by and felt like it has dragged on at different points.

I'm a different person than I was when I turned 25.  I've got a toddler, and I've lost 4 babies. That changes a person. I'm a working mama now, and my relationship with God has deepened more than it has in years. So, even though it's been an incredibly hard year, I'm sharing the 10 things that I've loved about my 26th birthday. 

1. I got  a full, uninterrupted day of shopping this weekend. This hasn't happened since before I was pregnant with Juliet! 

2. I saw War Room and it's completely changed how I view my prayer life. I'm so excited to share more about it with you soon :) 

3. I've gotten time to work with some crafty projects, which is always good for my soul. It's a release. 

4. I'm looking forward to planning Juliet's second birthday party and have had so much fun shopping for it. 

5. My hubby is so wonderful and bought me lavish and wonderful gift this year, a Michael Kors watch. I love the rose gold! 

6. I'm looking forward to getting more organized and having a well running house. I'm slowly getting the hang of this wife/mama thing, hopefully 26 is my year. 

7. I'm looking to the future of having more children. Whether that involves finally carrying another pregnancy to term, or adopting, I know our family will grow. 

8. Shopping for a little girl is so much fun and spending some money on my birthday weekend in her was so much fun. She's definitely going to be better dressed than me. And I love it! 

9. I made the switch to a brand new blog layout! I'm in l-o-v-e. Seriously, I totally and completely adore it. If you are a blogger in the market for reasonably priced, wonderful designs with a great designer, check out Kreated by Kelsey on Etsy!

10. Carrot cake cupcakes homemade by my mom. Seriously what is better than that?

Oh, and another neat birthday thing? Della at Della Devoted and I share the same birthday! Head over and give her some birthday love :) 

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