Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DIY Natural Lavender Lotion

If you've been around the blog for a while, you know that in the past year or so I have really tried to make the transition to both eating more healthy and organically and to using more natural, nontoxic products.

I absolutely love my Ava Anderson Non Toxic products, but although their lotion is great, it just simply isn't as moisturizing as I sometimes need, and I could literally go through the body butter in about 4 days.  I needed something that was both moisturizing and easy on the budget to get me by between my orders. 

My love for Pinterest won again. I found just about the easiest recipe for DIY natural lotion that probably ever existed. And now I am sharing my tweaked version with you! 


1 cup organic unrefined virgin coconut oil 
1 tablespoon sweet almond oil 
15-20 drops lavender essential oil 

1. Place all ingredients in mixing bowl. 

2. Mix with a mixer until soft. Should have a whipped texture. 

That's it! It took maybe 5 minutes to make. And the great thing about it is that it actually soaks into my skin fairly quickly. When I was using just coconut oil for moisturizer it always seemed to take a long while to soak in, but the combination really works well. 

I found all of my ingredients at Whole Foods and got a great deal on them, so I was able to get all organic ingredients. 

Do you make your own natural products at home? What are some of your go to recipes? 

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  1. Genius! I definitely want to try this, although I'm currently just mixing a few drops of essential oil with unscented baby lotion (Cetaphil, maybe? I can't remember)--the lazy man's way! :)