Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Mug Swap is Back!

Katie at Cup of Tea and I are so excited to kick off our second year of this super fun Mug Swap! 

Haven't heard of a Mug Swap before? It's a grown up version of a pen pal! Basically, you sign up. We give you a partner to swap with. Get to know one another via email. Shop for the perfect mug, and mail!

Here are the details:
1. Sign up using this link by November 23.

2. Follow Katie and Caitlin so we can keep up with your mug swap pics!
3. We'll email you your partner's email information by November 25. Send each other an email, and get to know one another so you can find the perfect mug!

4. Be sure to mail your mug to your partner by December 11, whether that's buying one locally and packing up/mailing OR shipping from online. Either way!

5. Be sure to stick to the timeline. You want to make sure your partner gets a mug!! If you can't get a hold of your partner, let us know ASAP so we can help out. Or if you're unable to participate, let us know too so we can reassign your partner.

6. We want to see your mugs after the swap! Snap a pic, and tag it with #tistheseasonmug15. Be sure to tag your partner who sent it to you, if you can, and tag Caitlin and me!

NOTE: If you're outside of the USA, sign up and we'll try our best to pair you up with someone, but we may not be able to. If you're in the US and are willing to have an international partner, please let us know when you sign up!

If you have any other questions, PLEASE let us know! 

Deadlines Recap:
1. Sign Up by November 23
2. Receive partner contact info from us by November 25
3. Get to know your partner and buy a mug
4. Ship new mug to partner by December 11
5. Use the hashtag #tistheseasonmug15 so we can see your mugs!
*NOTE: Not JUST for bloggers! Anyone can sign up!!

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