Thursday, December 17, 2015

DIY Christmas-For the Women

I've always had a love for handmade. There's just something inside of me that has this urge to create.

Around the holidays, the urge to create and bring joy to someone else peaks. I love scouring Pinterest for the projects that would fit my family and friends the best. It's fun for me to try new things, and especially fun to get to see the joy that it brings those around me.

Since I do make quite a bit of handmade gifts, it's a challenge to stretch myself to find something new to do that's fresh and exciting for me, but also a surprise for who I'm gifting. Until Christmas, I will be sharing my fave handmade Christmas gift and decor ideas!

Today, it's all about the ladies in your life. Moms, sisters, BFFs, cousins, aunts. These are some of my fave ideas for the women you love most.

The sugar scrubs are so scrumptious and so simple to make, not to mention perfect for cold weather dry skin.

I also have a love for crochet, so all kinds of crocheted cold weather accessories are always on my list! I'm especially loving the chunky cowls, which even a beginner crocheter could easily get done in time for Christmas.

Christmas decor and accessories are always a fun gift to give. Even though they won't get a ton of use out of them this season, it's always nice to get a few new things to display for years to come. Sometimes those are my favorite gifts!

What are your fave ideas for the women in your life? Not handmade options are always welcome!

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