Thursday, January 7, 2016

Celebrating 3 Years of Marriage

4 years together.
3 years married.
1 beautiful daughter.
And lots of heartache in between.

On Tuesday I celebrated 3 years of being married to my hubby. 3 hard, wonderful, challenging, heartbreaking, and joyful years.

Can I tell you something? They've been the hardest years of my life. I've been stretched more as a person and in my faith than I have in the 23 years that came before this.
But, they've also been the best years.

Between the fights, the stubborn standoffs (on both sides), and the heartache of losing 4 babies together, I've had a constant companion, a wonderful father to my daughter, someone who has been there for me. Someone who has figured out how to navigate this mess of pain that we've been given in the last year and was there even when we felt like we weren't going to make it.

We've came out of what seemed like a dark tunnel, holding hands and all that much more stronger for it.

And this year, I'm just so thankful to have him by my side.

Through the loss.
Through the hurt.
Through the dark.

Because there is an end to those feelings and those days, and we are finally starting to see the light, together.

Neither of us have this marriage thing down perfectly, but we are stumbling our way through this journey and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else.


  1. Happy anniversary! It is wonderful that your struggles have bound you closer together! Wishing you much love and happiness in the future!

  2. Happy anniversary! The first five years of my marriage was filled with heartache, trials, and tribulations. I understand the pain. The awesome part all gets so much better! Here is to many, many more anniversaries! xo Amanda