Friday, January 29, 2016

High Five for Friday!

Welcome to another week of High Five for Friday with KatieDellaTif and I! We're so glad you're here.

Our featured blogger this week is Taylor from Tattooed Teacher in Texas. She's been a long time H54F veteran. I love her planner peeks and her post about goal setting. Go over and check out her blog, leave some H54F love :)

Whew, where do I start this week?

1. Well, it's been a little quieter around here because we've been in the process of buying a  new house! It's been a little unconventional process, and it's definitely dragged out, but we will be closing at the end of February and starting to remodel soon after! It's so exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. Expect quite a few DIY projects for the home coming up. I'm itching to get started!

2. I did so well at the beginning of this week cooling and making healthy food.  But it seems like as I go on through the week, my motivation kind of fizzles out. I'm hoping to get better about t, and at least I've got healthy leftovers!

3. Juliet has been obsessed with her Lambie from Doc McStuffins that she got for Christmas. It's pretty adorable, she sings her song with Lambie at bedtime and naptime. 

4. I'm trying out the Younique mascara and I'm excited to do a review for you all in the next week or two.

5. We're hoping to get a dent on cleaning and decluttering more of the house this weekend. I think we've done really well the past month or so, but I'm starting to lose motivation now that we're getting down to the stuff that's hard to part with. Plus, I'm just not one of those people that enjoys cleaning. I mean, I love how my house looks after, but it's just so hard for me to get started sometimes. 


  1. That picture of Juliet is so cute!

  2. It is never easy to move or de-clutter, but it is so freeing afterwards. Keep up the good work and in the end you will have a neat, tidy and beautiful space which will be so worth it.

  3. I'm on a mission to declutter and paint (again eeeek!) It makes you feel so darn good though once you get it all done. Congrats on the house! That is super exciting! Aweee your little princess is gorgeous! xoxox Amanda

  4. Congrats on the new home! I hope your packing and moving goes well! :)