Thursday, February 25, 2016

5 Ways to Start Living More Naturally

If you've been around the blog for the last year or so, you know that my push to go more natural has sprung from both wanting to be healthy for my family, but also because of the miscarriages that we have had this past year.

When I started researching about living more naturally, it really seemed completely overwhelming. Like I sat and read a bunch of Pinterest articles from various blogs for hours and almost wanted to cry, kind of overwhelming. I  felt like I was doing so much wrong! How was I ever going to change my life so drastically that it would actually make a difference?

The best way to really start using more natural products and food is to just start slowly, and know that everyone has to start somewhere. Here's the 5 ways you can start living a more natural life today:

1. Swap out produce that has skin or an outside that you eat for their organic version.

This really helps in not only not seeing sticker shock from the higher prices, but also allows you not to have to change everything at once.

So apples, pears, lettuce? You eat the outside of those fruits and veggies where pesticides are residing. Switch those to organic.

Bananas, avocados, oranges? Go ahead and still buy conventional since you won't be eating their skins. Make sense?

2. Buy a couple glass water bottles.

BPA is so bad for your body. I truly never knew just how much that stuff messes with your hormones! Now, it's great that manufacturers are starting to make most things BPA free, but the chemicals that are replacing BPA haven't really been researched that well on the long term effects on us. Not to mention that BPA is still in nearly all store bought bottled water. For roughly $20, you can buy a few reusable glass bottles and know that you will be safe.

3. Replace a personal care product once a month (or as they run out)

There is so much crap that the US doesnt regulate within our personal care products and beauty products. It's really sad actually. But there are also some really great brands out there that are trying to change that. I love Trader Joe's for affordable and healthy personal care products. I've loved some of the natural products I've both bought and made, like my homemade simple lotion, and it's made my skin so much healthier!

Curious how your products rate? Check out Skin Deep by the EWG. I use their app when I'm shopping for main stream brands.

4. Try to use less processed food products.

This does mean cooking more. (Or freezer cooking, check out my Pinterest board with ideas here.) But the plus side is that the food tastes so much better and you know you're giving your body what it needs. Try adding one or two more meals that are full of fresh ingredients per week to get used to it.

Don't want to be a slave to the kitchen? I've had such wonderful luck with Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals, prep to table in 30 minutes is definitely more doable than an hour or more in the kitchen for the weekdays.

Another great trick is to utilize your leftovers! I either take them for lunch or use them a couple days later for dinner again.

5. Start taking a good multivitamin daily.

This is another small change that can have huge impact! I have been taking a prenatal blend regularly now for about 6 months, and let me tell you my energy levels have been so much better and I can just tell that my body feels better. I'm getting the extra minerals I need without having to worry that every single meal I eat is completely balanced. That seriously exhausts me.

I am using Prothera that I have gotten through my naturopath, but any brand that doesn't have extra ingredients in them are fine to use.

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  1. I love Trader Joe's, but have never bought personal care products there. In fact, I think I usually skip that aisle. Just curious, what personal care items do you buy there? I'm all about trying something new!