Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Healthier Buffalo Chicken Bites

I've been working hard lately to break out of my bad eating habits. As a family, we did so well prior to my last few miscarriages. Although I've really wanted to get healthy and back to where I was a year and a half ago, it's just been so hard to break free of all the food. I mean, ice cream tastes so freaking good.

The first time I cleaned up my eating a few years ago, I did it slowly so I would stick with it and enjoy the process a little more. This recipe is perfect for that! Is it super healthy, clean eating worthy? Nope. But it's better than it's alternative! And right now, I'm happy with that.

Check out the recipe for these yummy buffalo bites here at SkinnyTaste.

I then made a wedge salad with clean blue cheese dressing, some walnuts, and some bacon bits. The potato wedges were cut into slices, spray lightly with olive oil, and then baked in the oven along with the bites.
What are some of your fave ways to eat the food you love without the guilt?


  1. this looks yummy! ill have to try it out!

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